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  • Level 4 coach, National Coaching Institute
  • National Team Development Centre – Canmore 1998 -2002
  • Assistant National Team Coach 2002-2006
  • Coach 2006 Olympics Torino (Canada most successful OWG in History)
  • Contributor to Cross Country Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model
  • High Performance Coordinator – West – Cross Country Canada
  • Co-Founder of the Alberta World Cup Academy
  • Head Coach – AWCA 2008- 2013
  • Coach of OWG athletes spanning from 2006 -2010-2014
  • Graduated from National Coaching Institute  - Level IV
  • Co-founded the Alberta World Cup Academy in 2008 with support from the Alberta World Cup Society. It is the largest and most successful National Development Centre in Canada.

Mike’s naturally competitive spirit combined with his innate Italian compassion, patience and persistence drives Athletes and Coaches, inspiring them to excel in sport.


Helping athletes, Coaches and organizations achieve more than they thought was possible

Involved in sport for most of his life, both professionally and as passionate participant, Mike has acquired the tools and experience needed to help athletes, coaches and sport organizations achieve excellence.

Mike offers professional insight and knowledge to aspiring athletes, clubs, coaches and organizations looking to improve fitness levels, lifestyle or programming. For all clients he has developed personal and program audits to help detect areas to improve and processes and tools to make those improvements quickly and efficiently.

Improving athlete performance



  • Individualized planning, and monitoring catered to your needs, time available and goals

  • Unlimited communication

  • Planning for all types of events

  • Education


Add mIKE to your team

  • 3 Month Athlete Training - Base (337.50 +GST)

  • 6 Month Athlete Training - Base (675.00 +GST)

  • 1 Year Athlete Training - Base (1275.00 + GST)



“Mike has the rare gift for balancing science and intuition that distinguishes world class coaches. Athletes do not exist in a test tube, and Mike understands that as he applies evidence based physiologic principles, while carefully considering individual variability and complexities introduced by psychology and the stresses of every day life. I worked with many renowned coaches from around the world throughout my career, but it was Mike that was able to bring all the pieces together to transform me from an also-ran to an Olympian in cross-country skiing. I am confident that he is one of only a few coaches in the world that had the capability to do that. He invests himself completely in the success of his athletes and will never cut corners as he helps them achieve their goals. Working with Mike is a partnership in every sense of the word."

-Gordon Jewett 2010 Olympian


"Mike is an exceptional coach. He has vast experience working with elite athletes and creating custom training programs for individual needs. He has taken my off-road triathlon abilities to a new level this year, not only in my technical skills for swim/bike/run, but in my racing mentality. He understands the science behind the training methods and can explain why each part is necessary, which was hugely important to me. He is organized, supportive and instills confidence. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to take their racing to the next level. I think my results speak for themselves: this year I placed 1st in my age group (25-29) at the XTERRA East Championships (Virginia), XTERRA Canadian Championships (Ontario), XTERRA Canmore, and the ITU Cross World Championships (Sardinia, Italy)."

 - Katharine Wilson, 29yrs old


"Mike is a dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled coach. More importantly, Mike shows a level of trust and passion that is essential between a coach and an athlete. Having worked with him for more than eight seasons, Mike understood my goals and year after year implemented a training plan that turned them into success. He taught me that hard work pays off and not to be afraid of taking chances. Thanks to Mike, every time I got to the start line, I knew that I was fully prepared for the challenges that awaited me."

Kevin Sandau – Famous Xc skier ranked as one of the top skiers in Canada for over 8 years


Mentoring Exceptional Coaches




Coaching can be a lonely position,coaches are given a tremendous responsibility of guiding people towards their dreams and goals, and typically have very little support. My objective is to use my experiance to support and guide coaches as they gain experiance. A second opinion, and different perspective can make all the difference in the coaching process. 



  • Worked with Cross Country Canada to pilot the first coaching apprenticeship program

  • Worked with the National Coaching institute as a Master Coach for Level IV students

  • Contributor to Cross Country Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development guide.
  • Current National Team Coaches, Chris Jeffries and Stefan Kuhn, have both achieved their NCCP Level 3 designation and are studying for their Level 4 at the National Coaching Institute in Calgary.

  • Eric Groenveld, former Assistant Coach, is now the Head Coach, Foothills Nordic Ski Club in Calgary.


Helping Clubs Achieve Organizational Excellence



Mike has developed a Club Auditing tool which helps clubs become relevant in the Sports systems. This audit reviews effectiveness of Boards, Program directors, coaches, and athletes.


Get Better Results